Type_f – the Swiss quartet sounds as if 70s fusion jazz had spent a hot night with neo-soul. On the one hand, demanding rhythms groove, odd time signatures and tense four-note sounds, learned from jazz. On the other hand, the lust for pop breathes lasciviously. Or rather, sinful soul music puffs. As if a certain Dragonball thundercat is jamming with a biting puppy in a New York club. The promising young quartet adds its own splash of colour to the existing jazz scene.

Sascha Frischknecht -drums
Claude Stucki – guitar
Mathieu Friz – keys
James Iwa – bass


November 2023

08.12.2023 Type_f feat. Anatole Muster / Muralim

@Musikklub Mehrspur, Zürich

We’re looking forward to play live again at the place where the most of us graduated from and where we also played our first concert ever. We’re also glad to have Antole Muster back with us.

We are excited to share the evening with our friends from Muralim, who are celebrating the launch of their EP on this evening.

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29.07.2022 Type_f feat. Anatole Muster / Yellowjackets @ Langau Jazz Nights


What an honor to open up the evening and play before for the legendary Yellowjackets at the Langnau Jazz Nights.

In our backpack we have our debut album, which was just released in February.

For this occasion we are extremely thrilled to have Anatole Muster as a special guest on accordion with us.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic fusion evening with our heros from Yellowjackets.

Unfortunately our guitarist Claude Stucki is missing at this gig. Djamal Moumene will take his place for this evening.

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02.02.2022 «Type_f» ALBUM OUT NOW

Available on all major streaming platforms & there is a limited number of LPs and CDs on it’s way.

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<Type_f> was recorded at the Soundfarm Studios in Kriens by Steffen Peters and mixed by Chris Allen (Gerald Clayton, Eric Harland, Cory Wong). The mastering was done by Nate Wood, who is also a musician and worked with Tigran Hamasyan, Kneebody or Donny McCaslin among others. The artwork was created by artist Salomon Wicki and photographer Ernst Kehrli, and the album will be released via Unit Records. Thanks to their debut album, Type_f contribute a refreshing splash of color to the jazz scene, carried by their own style of expression and with virtuosity as their vision.

These songs are a collection of music I wrote in the last years – concept pieces, rhythmic gimmicks, but also processing and friendship served as a basis for it.

Sascha Frischknecht, Type_f




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8. December 2023, Musikklub Mehrspur, Zürich – Type_f feat. Anatole Muster / Muralim

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